Lockdown started my first week in the job!

By Abbey Wright

Business Administration apprentice

Abbey Wright started work as a Business Administration apprentice the week lockdown was imposed. She met her work colleagues briefly in March and hasn’t seen them since. Here she talks about the challenges she’s facing.

What’s it like working from home?

It can be quite a struggle working from home when I am only new as there are a lot of things that would normally be done face to face. Screen sharing on Microsoft Teams has made learning a lot easier and similar to the way you would learn in person. Although there are many struggles facing new starters during this time and I might not be progressing as quickly as I might in the office, I have found there is so much technology today that can be just as effective and just as helpful when taking on a new role. 

How did your first week go and what was the biggest challenge? 

I chose a Business Administration apprenticeship because within this role there is a lot of speaking to customers which is something I have always enjoyed from previous jobs and I believe that I have the customer service skills for this particular role.  The biggest challenge I had during my first week was having the confidence to meet a new group of people and to be able to settle in however everyone was very welcoming and I feel as though I have settled in very well even from a distance. 

 What are the positives of working from home? 

 Working from home does have its challenges but there are also some advantages. There are not as many distractions, even though I am still among family, I’m typically working in a room by myself. Another positive is not having to commute everyday and spending the money to travel So I’m saving money and time.  

 What are the downsides to working from home? 

It is hard not having the in-person support you would be given in the office. Even though there is screen sharing it can still sometimes be a struggle. Staying motivated can also be a struggle sometimes such as working close to your bed or sofa, it can sometimes make you just want to sit down and do nothing, so I have had the challenge of making sure I stay focused. 

 Do you feel part of the team and what is being done to help you feel part of the team? 

 Within the first week I felt part of the team as everyone was easy to talk to and to ask questions of. Talking on social media has helped me settle in with everyone better.  

 I am really enjoying learning new things and being given new tasks to do such as writing this blog.