Swinging through the trees to build our team

By Tony Wilson

So, does a day out in the wilds “team building” actually add any value to the to the team that you are trying to build in the office?


After a morning at Go Ape at Whinlatter Forest park in Cumbria – followed by an afternoon Segway riding through the woods, I’m pleased to say yes, it certainly does help build your team.


The team at Indelible Data are a mix of men and women, though gender is only mentioned in passing at it has absolutely nothing to do with the outcome.


For example, it was me, a presumed ‘alpha male’ as Managing Director who was taunted with phrase “Tree-hugger” while holding on for dear life.


The day wasn’t intended to identify “born leaders” or find those that rely on others for help – rather, it was to get us all talking together and generally enjoying ourselves in a foreign environment. When staff are able to do this, I believe their true natures are displayed.


So, after a great day in the sunshine – I found that my team consisted of people who:

  • though unable to take part themselves,  stuck around to take photos and shout encouragement from the ground – even looking ahead to let us know what to expect next;
  • were not too proud to ask others to check their harnesses were clipped-on correctly;
  • did not turn back and confronted their fears;
  • checked their emails to ensure no clients were waiting for anything (because 50 feet up a forest pine was the best place to get a 4G signal);
  • stayed back with those that perhaps looked a little bit unsure of themselves and may have needed a little bit of encouragement.

This was my team – and I’m really proud of them.