Keep staff safe and security tight when back in the office.

By Hannah Kelly

Cyber Security Apprentice

As England eases its COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions and businesses start to reopen, it’s essential that proper measures are put in place to facilitate safe working practices during the tail end of an international pandemic.

Indelible Data is treating the situation as if all employees could unknowingly have the virus. With this in mind, contact between staff will be limited, staff will maintain social distance and the need for touching communal areas will be reduced to limit the virus spread.

Take action

Action plans to map out these considerations are recommended to be done in the form of a risk assessment to ensure that all elements relating to security and health risks, have been carefully thought through and weighted on an impact table.

A floor plan was devised to rearrange the desks within the office to allow social distancing of 2 metres at all times. Staff will face away from each other when sat at desks to mitigate air flow contamination. The floor plan also marks out walking routes that staff must adhere to in order to help facilitate the government guidelines for social distancing.

Windows should be opened enough to let in air but not thieves. All internal doors -that aren’t fire doors – will be propped open to allow air to circulate, and to minimise touching of surfaces or handles.

Daily disinfections of desks are to be carried out by the desk owner, as well as the “last one out” tasked with disinfecting all door handles and pin-pads.

Hot desking at this time is strictly prohibited. The need for skin screening was addressed because of the risk of broken skin being caused by over-washing, which might make it more likely the virus could enter the body.

Indelible Data has also asked staff to change their habits to minimise risk. This includes measures such as staggered start times and finish times, restricting admins use of another colleague’s keyboard (a portable USB keyboard will be used in instances where admin credentials are needed).

Staff are being advised to bring their own lunch and refreshments to the office to minimise use of the communal kitchen facilities.

Infrared temperature checks will be conducted each morning before settling into the office.


Security considerations include things such as Kensington locks being used by all staff members (these attach laptops securely to desks), and strictly abiding by our Clear Desk Policy to ensure no data is left unprotected.

Every portable device will be scanned before reconnecting to the office network. This will check for malicious software that may have been allowed in by home networks.

Returning to the office will always carry an element of risk but these measures should keep that risk to a minimum.