Driving home the threats to online cars

By Jason McNicholas
Cyber Security Apprentice

With internet connected cars becoming more and more commonplace, security issues are also becoming more apparent.
Flaws are being found in cars that can cause hackers to remotely take over a car with potentially very dangerous consequences.
The following link is a video by WIRED Magazine showing 2 security researchers hacking into a Jeep
Cherokee and showing what they can do to it remotely such as, moving the steering wheel, disabling the breaks and killing the engine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK0SrxBC1xs.
This video shows just how much of a risk such internet connected cars can be if they are not secured sufficiently.
It’s not just Jeeps though, at the Pwn2Own competition (an annual hacking competition where contestants get to keep the product they exploit) 2 security researchers hacked into a Tesla Model 3.
This highlights how even brand-new cars can have security vulnerabilities.
Although is appears that car manufacturers are becoming more aware of these potential issues, they need to be very diligent in finding and patching vulnerabilities before serious damage is caused by exploits.