Companies urged to be vigilant as tensions between Russia and the Ukraine bring cyber threat

By Jason McNicholas, Lead Cyber Technician and Tony Wilson, Managing Director

Indelible Data is urging companies to be vigilant in light of rising tensions between Russia and the Ukraine.

As history has shown from previous attacks on the Ukraine, third party collateral damage to UK companies is inevitable.

Indelible Data therefore recommends companies of any size to perform the following:

  • Identify any suppliers within the Ukraine that may have company/system information about your company.
  • Risk assess the access such companies have to your networks
  • Be vigilant of any emails or requests emanating from these companies, incase they have been attacked.

The NCSC has released a statement calling for organisations to be more diligent with their security as UK companies may now be a target of Russian cyber attacks.

This fear comes from the knowledge that Russia has been known to launch cyber attacks against those that are deemed to be their enemies. NCSC has given some examples on the things companies can do to improve their security such as;

  • patching systems;
  • improving access controls and enabling multi-factor authentication;
  • implementing an effective incident response plan;
  • checking that backups and restore mechanisms are working;
  • ensuring that online defences are working as expected, and;
  • keeping up to date with the latest threat and mitigation information.

For more information see the full statement from NCSC below: