Capture the Flag paintball-style

HIGH octane, competitive fun in the blistering Cumbrian heat was just what the team needed to reset to a new norm.

Team Indelible Data entered the Raw War forest to capture a physical instead of a virtual flag for a change, while toting paintball guns.

With temperatures reaching 27 degrees C, wearing masks and overalls, adrenaline took over as staff scaled hills and evaded flying paintballs to capture the flag and get back to base.

Managing director Tony Wilson said: “Paintballing offers a direct parallel to cyber warfare when team members communicate and co-ordinate to stop the opposition capturing the flag by putting themselves in their attacker’s shoes and anticipating their next move.
“More physically demanding than its cyber equivalent, paintballing certainly made the Team drinks at the end of the day taste so much nicer!”

As part of its response to the changing demands of working through a pandemic, Indelible Data has adopted a blended home/office working culture.

Administration manager Georgia Routledge said: “I’m really enjoying this split between home and office working. I feel my work/life balance is good and some tasks can be completed so much quicker when I’m working in my own space at home.
“Having the opportunity to spend time with my colleagues on other days means it’s the perfect balance.”