Bringing new meaning to ‘Giving staff the axe!’

WITH staff outings a rarity during the pandemic, Indelible Data staff wanted to get it right when deciding our latest team building adventure – so we went axe throwing!

It was Office Manager Georgia Routledge’s idea and while a little stunned when she first suggested it, the team decided to give it a go.

Georgia said: “It was a great stress release and thankfully I came out with all my limbs still attached ”

Thanks to the Lumber Lounge in Carlisle for making us so welcome, we never knew there were so many ways to throw an axe.

MD Tony Wilson proved to be the most talented among us and now at least knows he has a fall back if cyber security doesn’t work out: “I put my talent down to many years of experience in implementing Axess controls (Access Controls – see what I did there?)” he quipped!