Cyber Essentials Questionnaire – Free Download

Some clients prefer to compile answers on a spreadsheet before submitting.

You can download the Cyber Essentials questionnaire in spreadsheet format here:

Be aware that this document cannot be imported/uploaded to the portal. The questions must be answered again on the portal.

Remember, Indelible Data offers a Cyber Essentials – GOLD PACKAGE which includes 24hr assessment of the submission on the portal with assessment and certification costing from £500+VAT. You can pay in our shop for this service which includes:

  • Assessing the responses and giving feedback identifying points of failure to be addressed 
  • 1hr call with technician
  • Issuing a certificate within 24hrs of submission to the portal 

Companies have a better “first time” pass rate if they have been assisted by a QG ACE Practitioner (see list)

We endeavour to keep in close contact with companies / institutions until they have passed.

The NCSC’s Cyber Essentials: Requirements for IT infrastructure under Montpellier can be downloaded here: