Indelible Data certifies 1000 customers to Cyber Essentials

Indelible Data is celebrating certifying more than 1000 companies to Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus as the scheme reaches its fifth anniversary.

From FTSE 100 company Whitbread Plc and multinationals like 8×8 Inc and Xerox Ltd, to SMEs and micro businesses, Indelible Data has assessed and assisted organisations seeking to keep their systems safe from attack.

Companies return year after year to Indelible Data for assessment against the scheme requirements and the Certification Body has issued thousands of Certificates since the scheme launched.

Indelible Data’s approach is transparent and consistent. Assessors don’t fail companies and make them pay to try again. Instead, for a flat fee starting from £300 plus VAT, submitted questionnaires are assessed and clarifications requested when needed, at no extra cost.

For companies pursuing the Plus level, Indelible Data takes the same approach to the service it offers. If a customer fails the onsite test, Indelible will conduct a retest remotely if possible, at a greatly reduced cost, rather than charging a full test fee again.

The Cyber Essentials scheme was launched by the government in 2014 to help companies see off common internet-based threats from low skilled hackers using freely available tools.

Cyber Essentials focuses on a small number of technical controls that if implemented consistently will make a tangible difference to an organisation’s cyber security.

Download the latest Cyber Essentials Questionnaire here