How should you handle uncertain end-of-life dates in Cyber Essentials?

While most manufacturers and developers are open about the support milestones of their products, some companies instead prefer to guard their end-of-life dates, which may result in awkward situations during Cyber Essentials certification.

One example of this is Appleā€™s iOS operating system. Traditionally, Apple has supported the two latest major versions of iOS, whereas recently the three latest versions have been supported instead.

Apple are not forthcoming about the support status of their operating systems, with iOS 16 & and iOS 17 recently being updated, and iOS 15 not receiving an update since 25th October 2023. This seems to hint that iOS 15 may not be supported for much longer.

Therefore, we strongly recommend Cyber Essentials applicants to upgrade, or at least plan to upgrade, their devices or operating systems to iOS 16 or above. This logic can be applied to other operating systems and applications which have ambiguous end-of-life dates.

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