Bringing down the barriers to Cyber Essentials Certification

By Jason McNicholas

Cyber Security Apprentice

The Indelible Data tech team attended Infosec in London looking for tools and services that would help companies achieve Cyber Essentials.

Our highest priority was to identify a way in which small companies could implement two-factor authentication affordably.

After trawling hundreds of stands, they found a great solution from a company called Yubico, which has developed a USB drive to plug into devices and generate keys to provide second authentication.

For a one-off fee, this makes it affordable for smaller companies to implement two-factor authentication without having to buy expensive smartphones for employees.

Two-factor authentication is now a requirement for Cyber Essentials Certification as it is now seen as an essential part of security infrastructure.

While at Infosec, we also went looking for patching software that would makes it easier for companies to pass Cyber Essentials.

We asked many organisations if they could implement a specialised patching regime for Cyber Essentials that would be patch specific to avoid a fail.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any products with this capability. Hopefully, we planted the seed of the idea with companies looking for new development opportunities.

In terms of secure configuration, an interesting product was Titania. This product reads and exports the configuration files of a system into a report. Rather than scanning a system from the outside, it reads the configuration files from the inside, meaning that it is potentially faster than a scanner and causes less network traffic.

It wasn’t all work and no play however – the team did manage to have some fun too!