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Lancaster Cyber Security Conference 2013

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ISO / IEC 27001:2013

This Certification is like a licence to trade for some sectors. If you do not have sufficient Information Security Management Systems in place, then some companies will not trade with you as they will not trust your ability to keep their information safe.
Indelible Data Consulting will guide you through implementing such systems and ensure your place in the supply chain.

PCI Compliance

If a business is set up to take credit cards by any mechanism, then it needs to be compliant. It is a common misunderstanding that small concerns handling only one or a few credit cards a year are exempt from these standards.

Cyber Essentials • Consultancy • ISO 27001 • Training • Business Continuity

Indelible Data have been approved by QG Management Standards to assess and certify companies to HM Government's Cyber Essentials Scheme.

We also provide information security advice to any company wishing to implement a security regime.

Click here to find out more about the Cyber Essentials scheme and download the self assessment questionnaire (no sign-up required).

We offer a no-fuss Cyber Essentials Certification process with no sign-up required. Simply download
the questionnaire and return it to us for assessment. For Cyber Essentials Plus enquiries, please contact us on cyber@indelible-data.co.uk

If your self assessment does not satisfy the requirements straight away - then don't worry - we will contact you with action points or areas that require clarification. There will be no further charge if the issues are able to be resolved within a month. We endeavour to keep in close contact with companies / institutions until they have passed.

We are proud to have been shortlisted for the following awards:

  Spreading the Cyber Essentials message at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sponsored event.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

Security in the supply chain

Customers must be confident that:
  • Their confidential information is secure
  • You have business continuity plans in place
  • You are following ISO 27001 principles
  • Security plans are current and relevant

Comply with legislation

You may face penalties if:
  • You divulge sensitive information
  • Security measures are ignored
  • Client confidentiality is breached
  • Security plans are out of date

What we do

• Formation of policies and procedures.
We will get to know your business and create policies that will ensure the vulnerable areas are highlighted and the risks mitigated.

• ISO 27001 Security Auditing.
We audit the security of your company against the ISO 27001 standard and can also give expert advice on mitigating risk. Our services are of particular use to smaller companies that do not have the required internal audit capabilities required for the standard. Larger companies may wish to use our services to audit other companies in the supply chain to ensure they are keeping their information secure.

• Data Security Consultancy.
We will advise you of vulnerabilities in your network and personnel and physical infrastructure

• Information Security Awareness Training. Courses can be tailored to your needs - whether it is employee security awareness as part of a company induction - or ensuring IT staff have sufficient knowledge of current threats, vulnerabilities and countermeasures. Students are encouraged to get into the security mindset and place a relevant vaule on the data they own. Using real life examples of scams together with demonstrations of software vulnerabilities and exploits, our presentations are lively and eye opening